North Lake Technology Page:

The decision to move 1:1 has been a purposeful and ongoing process that began in 2015. In preparation for this transition, North Lake School District has provided teachers with their own Chromebooks and student Chromebook carts so that they could begin the process of becoming experts at integrating technology into their classrooms. The goal for this year is to start all K – 12th grade students with their own Chromebook. We have identified 5 reasons to continue this transition to 1:1 Chromebooks for our students:

  • 1:1 devices will ensure that all students have access to curriculum and supporting resources. This is important as more and more curriculum resources are digital.
  • 1:1 devices will ensure that all students have equitable access to productivity tools. Many of these tools are now available through North Lake’s Google Domain where students can access their documents at any time from any place with Internet access.
  • 1:1 technology allows students to experience critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication with their teachers and peers both locally and globally.
  • 1:1 gives teachers the ability to differentiate more effectively and proactively based on student need.
  • 1:1 devices will provide equitable access to technology for all students, eliminating the digital divide.

All Chromebooks for grades K-8 will remain at school. Chromebooks for 9th grade students will initially remain at school, but may be allowed home, after 1st semester, on a case by case basis. 10th - 12th grade students will be issued a carrying bag and power cord in addition to their Chromebooks and will be responsible for bringing their Chromebooks to school charged and in good condition.  Students who purchase insurance for their Chromebooks will be allowed to buy their Chromebooks upon graduating from high school at a reduced cost. Students without insurance may also purchase their Chromebooks upon graduation for a higher cost. Filtered Wi-Fi hotspots are available for students to check out and use to complete assignments if they do not have internet access at home.

Acceptable Use Policy  (PDF)

1:1 Chromebook Program- Read the information. (PDF)

Chromebook Use Agreement Form  (PDF)

Chromebook damage, loss, or theft fee chart (PDF)